About Us

Bree’s Little Closet is a traveling women’s boutique carrying the latest styles in fashion.  Our goal is to cater to the Everyday Woman, meaning we like our clothes comfy, casual, and cute.  You can find sizes ranging from Small-3XL with nothing over $60 in the truck and online!

Curious where to find Bree’s? You can find us at farmer’s markets, festivals, local businesses and even private parties located in and around the Springfield, MO area! All you have to do is click Find the Truck to see where we are parked!

Never heard of a traveling boutique before? Let me explain…

My name is Brianna Barnett and I am the co-owner/co-founder of Bree’s Little Closet.  I have always had a love for fashion and knew that I wanted a career in the fashion industry.  (I never would have dreamed I’d own my own business). A couple of years ago I was going to school for Fashion Merchandising and Management, but shortly into my second year I decided that I wanted to go into business and make a name for myself.  After doing some research, I realized I would not be able to afford a brick n’ mortar store like I had hoped, so I had to find an alternative solution. 

A Mobile Boutique!!

 I then asked my mom, Tina (co-owner/co-founder), to go on this adventure with me and thankfully she said yes!! Before working with me in the truck, my mom worked in the Springfield Public School district for over 10 years!  I don’t think she could have ever dreamed about working in the fashion industry, let alone co-owning a boutique with her daughter! 

Our mother/daughter adventure officially began on September 15, 2018 at our very first event, the MO Food Truck Fest.  Over the last year and a half we have parked at many different types of locations and are looking forward to what 2020 has in store!  We hope to see you in the truck! 

We Stop, You Shop!!