Meditations for the Heart



  • Meditations For The Heart helps the reader to ask themselves deep heart questions and grow in their walk with the Lord. Asking ourselves questions is one of the most beneficial thing that we can do in our walk with the Lord and this resource helps us to do just that.
  • Each question includes insights from Scripture as well as Scripture references to refer to as the reader thinks and prays through the questions. Each question also includes helpful reflection questions, application, and journaling space to help process through these questions.  
  • Questions include things like: What am I doing today that matters for eternity? What do I run to when I am stressed? How can I be faithful where God has called me? What holds first place in my heart? With helpful Scripture passages, questions, and devotional content, this book will be one that you can return to again and again to take a heart inventory, and be reminded of the truth of God's Word.